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Lockdown Postcard Swap #1 - Spring

This is the first postcard swap organised by Region 8 and was run via the Region 8 Facebook group. All members of the FB group were invited to participate in the postcard swap "event" and 21 registered to take part. 

In terms of a time line, one week was allowed for registration to take part, then two weeks for making the postcard, followed by a posting 'window' of one week allowing people plenty of time to schedule posting within their daily exercise/dog walk or essential shopping trip. The last postcard was received seven days later. The "event" was supported by a set of written instructions and an online photo album where recipients posted a photo of the postcard they received and acknowledge the maker. 

If you're interested in joining the FB group, it is a "closed" group where only members of the FB group can post and see what's posted etc. The "closed" FB group is, however, open to QGBI members and non-members alike of Region 8 primarily but residents of all regions are welcome to join. Please don't be offended by the joining questions; they are there to weed out bogus requests. Whilst the FB group itself is "closed", your own FB account security is your personal responsibility and you should check and review regularly your account settings.