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Regional Challenge - Treasures from the Earth

Region 8 Guild members only.

Theme: "Treasures from the Earth"

Our region is renowned for its rich heritage of archaeological finds, or perhaps you think of more natural treasures from our earth, for many years East Anglia was the grain basket of the country with golden corn on vast fields. What do you feel are the treasures from our earth? 

You do not need to limit your inspiration to East Anglia. 

We had so many fantastic entries in the Touch of Red Challenge for Blackthorpe 2019 we are really looking forward to a brilliant response to the regional challenge for our conference. Remember if you enjoy making it, we want to celebrate it, we DO NOT select pieces -  we celebrate all quilting styles and levels of experience.

Interestingly the National YQ Challenge for our conference will have the same titles so how exciting to see interpretations of the theme from 5 yrs to potentially 85yrs+. 


  • Any technique or style 
  • 3 layers securely held together
  • A3 in size (11.5” x 16.5”)
  • Portrait orientation
  • The quilt does not have to be pictorial
  • On the quilt back:
    • A 4" hanging sleeve, positioned 1" down from the top edge and 1" in from each side.
    • A quilt label, securely attached -  quilt name (if applicable), maker's name.
  • The quilt must be finished by 1st March 2022.

CLICK HERE to download the registration form. (UPDATE 26/1/2022 - the deadline for registration only is extended by one week to 8th February).