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National Challenge (Sue Ridgwell Challenge 2022) - Gems from Beyond

Guild members only.

Theme: "Gems from Beyond"

What does the word 'gems' mean to you? What 'gems' are there where you live? What 'gems' can be found in your region? Do you have a favourite 'gem' from further afield, even overseas?


  • Any technique or style 
  • 3 layers securely held together
  • A3 in size (11.5” x 16.5”)
  • Portrait orientation
  • The quilt does not have to be pictorial
  • On the quilt back:
    • A 4" hanging sleeve, positioned 1" down from the top edge and 1" in from each side.
    • A quilt label, securely attached -  quilt name (if applicable), maker's name.
  • The quilt must be finished by 1st March 2022.

CLICK HERE to download the registration form. (UPDATE 26/1/2022 - the deadline for registration only is extended by one week to 8th February).

CLICK HERE for more information about the Sue Ridgwell Challenge.